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Celebrity Management, Digital Media and PR For
The Fiercely Talented, Instantly Recognisable and
Globally Ambitious

Hello. We're Yogurt Top Media and we're here to provide the sizzling, spectacular stand-out you deserve in the digital universe.

Of course you're talented and worthy of the attention, you're going places streak-of-lighting fast and need someone to help keep your profile high and mighty. But making all the right career moves in the often treacherous and bewildering cyberworld and media can test the wit, stamina and patience of even the most VI of Ps.

So it pays to be switched-on about who you work with. A celebrity management organisation like Yogurt Top, a full-service media agency with a long, illustrious decade of experience handling high profile clients and brands, has answers to every conceivable question you can throw at us. We'll undoubtedly be able to elevate your impact in the digital and social media worlds and provide a momentum there that will give genuine longevity to your celebrity status. We'll certainly be able to grow or shrink your audience, get you noticed, say the right things, be seen in the right places and with all the right people. Have a look at how we can give you a sparkly, shiny and new digital outlook entirely.

Who Are We?

We're the answer to many of your prayers and the discerning choice for countless celebrity clients and international brands. Led by the entrepreneur, Matt Flint founder of IMF Marketing Group Ltd and Yogurt Top Marketing, Yogurt Top Media's team specialises in extremely high calibre integrated marketing, sharply focused on digital, social media and public relations.

We get you noticed in very, very positive ways. Our span and reach across the celebrity world, the corporate world, charity, hospitality, entertainment and fashion has been variously described as "astonishing" "preposterous" "criminal" "un-Godly" and "beyond breathtaking" So we know what we're doing. And we'd be delighted to do a little more of it just for you.

Give Yogurt Top Media a call or contact us via email and we'll have a chat about it all.
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