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We are the makers of the glitterati, the modern day bourgeoisie, the VIP.

Ciao, we are Yogurt Top Media, the  only  agency you should be with if you’re aiming for a first class talent/celebrity management service. If you’re looking to be launched back into a world of glitz and glamour
or want more of the limelight, you’ve come to the right agency.

TV personalities we can put you on the big screen, chefs we can cook up a media storm, sports people we can fight your corner, artists we can sing your praises, reality TV stars we can make your dreams come true, comedians we can laugh you all the way to the bank and actors we can make you part of the A team.

We are a straight talking team of marketing & PR pro’s who know how to deliver results for our clients. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – we look after our clients and always go the extra mile to ensure they reach their full potential. 15 years in the industry has also enabled us to offer our celebrities a whole host of additional concierge services, including: wealth management, career management, contract negotiation, lifestyle management, interior design, legal services, property acquisition, and lifestyle services.

If you are a celebrity that needs support with social media, setting up new projects, securing new work, PR, or even crisis management, we are the only agency in the UK that you should be talking to. Our team is made up of experts in social media, digital marketing, web development, design and PR. We are not ‘wanna be’s’, we are the best of the best at our individual skills, and we’re happy with that – we can deliver a service that’s unrivalled in the UK and that is enough fame for us!

Give us a call or let’s do lunch.
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